I design bicycles. I love riding bicycles.

Since I was child I always had a dream: to build something with my hands and put my name on it. I’m a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years in the automotive industry and I always developed complex projects for someone else’s brand, but I never took time to realize my own product before. 

My journey started in the summer 2018, when I decided to learn how to design and produce bicycles frames. As usual, to do something new you have to read an old book. I didi it! I studied page by page the “Paterek Manual”, probably still the only manual for frame-builders. On the way I met Andrés, one of the best Spanish frame-builder, who was happy to teach me some of his secrets and tips.

As result, I first designed and then built my dream’s bike. I created Strhadaria a fantastic steel all-roader hand made bicycle, born around my ideas.

After six month riding Strhadaria I decided to go one step forward creating my own brand EMG71Cycles, with the mission of helping people follow their journey, realizing their dreams, supporting their passion for cycling.

To do so, I decided to start from the past, using an iconic material like steel, with the best ratio between lifetime, weight and performances. I looked for traditional manufacturing techniques and the best Italian frame-builder with decades of experience.

The frames are bespoke to customer requirements, designed to match your riding attitudes and characteristics. Each frame is entirely handmade in Italy and made to order. 

The final result of this process is a high quality product,  made in Italy, produced step by step according customer’s dreams.